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A Recognized Leader in the Expanded Metal Industry

Spantek Expanded Metal Company

Founded in 1963 in Minneapolis, Spantek has been a recognized leader in the expanded metals industry for decades. Today, we offer two strategic locations that make us one of the few suppliers geographically positioned to serve a broad market. Through our Spantek Edge process, we strive to serve as an unparalleled partner for the fabrication of a large range of expanded metals. Our dedication to both anticipating and serving our customers’ needs means continuous improvement and cost control.

The "Spantek Edge"

The Spantek Edge is a process designed to optimize and expedite the fabrication of materials — from improved product quality and customer service to reduced cost and faster delivery times. This is accomplished through a unique 7 step process intended to uncover the most efficient manufacturing process and product design given the specifications of your project.

We address every aspect of the project, including critical details like scheduling, planning, shipping and storage of expanded metal products, components and parts. SPANTEK lowers the total cost of doing business by focusing on not only the part price, but on every expense associated with expanded metal. Through this systematic and proven methodology, we improve the fabrication experience as well as your bottom line. 

Two Plants in Key Locations

Spantek provides our customers a geographic advantage with dual sourcing capabilities from our two facilities. Through our Minneapolis and Charlotte locations, makes it possible for Spantek to offer our customers the advantage of supplying multiple locations from one vendor source, while reducing your transportation costs and lead time.

Spantek offers an engineering-partner approach to solving your component problems, applications, quality and project costs.