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Spantek's Introduces a New Helios Line of Architectural Patterns

Spantek has developed a new line of architectural expanded metal products. The Helios line combines functionality and form to provide a stunning visual display to any building project. Our manufacturing process allows designers the flexibility to choose the opening, finish, type of material and thickness that works best for their project. These patterns providing a practical functionality in the forms of sunshades, canopy covers, structural support and rigidity. Let Spantek work with you on your next building project from design to implementation.

List of Patterns (Click on a pattern for specifications)
  • Natural Flow of Air, Light, Sound, and Heat
  • Functionally Attractive and Ascetically Appealing
  • Durability

Customer Screen Capabilities:

Our Sales and Engineering group is ready to work with you to develop creative patterns that fit with your Architectural /Decorative designs and imagination. Custom designed expanded metal can be functional and appealing.

Spantek offers an engineering-partner approach to solving your component problems, applications, quality and project costs.